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As the Bamboo Garden was famous for its Chinese food we thought it would be best to keep the same menu and also to add some Western dishes such as burgers, pasta and sandwiches.
Our chefs can also cook up a great rice n curry but at this time of writing, July 2012, we need notice and a minimum order of 4 people. We plan to do Sri Lankan buffet lunches in the future.
We designed an open kitchen so you can see our chefs cooking and also hygiene, hygiene, hygiene!

ITEM Name Small Large
1 Golden fried spring rolls(6 small) (12 large) Rs:430 Rs:730
2 Dumplings fried or boiled (small 10pcs large 20pcs) Rs:550 Rs:850
3 Cashew nuts Rs:500  
4 Roased peanuts Rs:400  
5 French fries Rs:300 Rs:450
6 Cuttlefish with green chilli cooked in our special sauce Rs:700 Rs:900
7 Battered prawns/cuttlefish/fish with garlic mayo dip Rs:750 Rs:950
8 Deep fried eggplant with spicy capsicum Rs:550 Rs:750
9 Deep fried cauliflower with spicy capsicum Rs:550 Rs:750
10 Mushrooms in hot butter sauce Rs:550 Rs:750
11 Onion rings Rs:500 Rs:700
12 Minced chicken wraps in lettuce Rs:500  
13 Thai chicken balls (small 8 pcs) (large 16 pcs) Rs:500 Rs:900
14 Deep fried dry beef Rs:600 Rs:1000

  Chicken Dishes (we use breast with slight bone)    
15 Chinese style chilli chicken Rs:550 Rs:800
16 Sizzling chicken with hot garlic sauce Rs:550 Rs:800
17 Fried chicken in black bean sauce Rs:550 Rs:800
18 Fried chicken with garlic Rs:550 Rs:800
19 Sichuan style fried sliced chicken (spicy) Rs:550 Rs:800
20 Devilled chicken Rs:550 Rs:800
21 Chicken mushroom n cabbage Rs:550 Rs:800
22 Sweet n sour chicken Rs:650 Rs:850
23 Gong bao chicken (dry chilli n peanuts) Rs:650 Rs:850
24 Crispy chicken(whole)   Rs:1200

  Beef Dishes    
25 Sliced beef with capsicum,garlic ,ginger,leek and onion on a sizzling hot plate Rs:700 Rs:850
26 Fried beef in black bean sauce Rs:700 Rs:850
27 Spicy devilled beef Rs:700 Rs:850
28 Fried beef wih dried red chilli Rs:700 Rs:850
29 Fried beef with carrot Rs:700 Rs:850
30 Fried beef with kankun(green veg) Rs:700 Rs:850
31 Fried beef with cumin and onion Rs:700 Rs:850
32 Fried beef with onions Rs:700 Rs:850
33 Chinese style beef stew(Sichuan pepper and dry chilli in broth)(good for 2 people with plain rice and owner's favourite)   Rs:1200

  Pork Dishes    
34 Sizzling pork cooked in hot garlic sauce Rs:550 Rs:800
35 Spicy devilled pork Rs:550 Rs:800
36 Spicy sichuan style fried pork Rs:550 Rs:800
37 Fried pork with capsicum Rs:550 Rs:800
38 Pork with dry red chilli Rs:550 Rs:800
39 Fried pork with garlic Rs:550 Rs:800
40 Double fried pork Rs:550 Rs:800

  Prawn Dishes (prawns are not shelled)    
41 Fried prawns cooked in our special spicy chinese sauce Rs:800 Rs:1000
42 Sizzling prawns cooked in hot garlic sauce Rs:800 Rs:1000
43 Fried prawns in black bean sauce Rs:800 Rs:1000
44 Sweet n sour prawns Rs:800 Rs:1000

  Cuttlefish Dishes    
45 Sizzling cuttlefish in hot garlic sauce Rs:700 Rs:900
46 Cuttlefish and capsicum fried with salt n pepper Rs:700 Rs:900
47 Spicy devilled cuttlefish Rs:700 Rs:900

  Fish Dishes    
48 Sizzling fish fillets in hot garlic sauce Rs:700 Rs:900
4 9 Spicy devilled fish Rs:700 Rs:900
50 Fish fillets fried in hot garlic sauce Rs:700 Rs:900
51 Deep fried crispy fish with thai chilli sauce Rs:750 Rs:950
52 Steamed fish (need a day's notice to buy fresh)    
53 Deep fried garoupa fish in hot garlic sauce (subject to availablity) 100g Rs:200  
54 Crispy fried garoupa fish(subject to availablity) 100g Rs:200  

  Bean Curd    
55 Ma po bean curd (a little spicy) vegetarian Rs:600 Rs:800
56 Bean curd on a hot sizzling plate Rs:600 Rs:800
57 Ma po bean curd (a little spicy) traditionally made with mince beef Rs:600 Rs:800

58 Clay pot golden fried eggplant Rs:500  
59 Chinese cabbage with garlic sauce Rs:430 Rs:550
60 Hot n sour chinese cabbage Rs:430 Rs:550
61 Stir fried capsicum in black bean sauce Rs:430 Rs:550
62 Fried kankun (green veg) with garlic Rs:430 Rs:550
63 Fried mixed vegetables with garlic Rs:430 Rs:550
64 Fried mixed vegetables with garlic Rs:430 Rs:550
65 Scrambled eggs with tomatoes chinese style Rs:430 Rs:550
66 Green beans fried with dried red chilli and sichuan pepper Rs:430 Rs:550
67 Devilled Mushroom Rs:430 Rs:550
68 Fried potato chinese stlye Rs:430 Rs:550

  Fried Rice    
69 Mixed fried rice (chicken n prawns) Rs:550 Rs:750
70 Seafood fried rice Rs:550 Rs:750
71 Chicken fried rice Rs:500 Rs:750
72 Beef fried rice Rs:500 Rs:750
73 Egg fried rice Rs:450 Rs:550
74 Vegetable fried rice Rs:400 Rs:550
75 Boiled rice in small bowl Rs:100  
76 Chopcie rice(chicken,pork,cuttlefish,prawns,fried egg on top) Rs:850 Rs:1100

  Fried Noodles    
77 Seafood fried noodles Rs:550 Rs:750
78 Chicken fried noodles Rs:500 Rs:750
79 Egg Fried noodles Rs:450 Rs:650
80 Vegetable fried noodles Rs:400 Rs:500
81 Beef fried noodles Rs:500 Rs:750
82 Seafood noodles soup/chicken noodles soupSingapore style fried noodles (chicken,) veggie style optional   Rs:550
83 Mixed fried noodles (prawns, chicken,beef ,cuttlefish,pork, fish) Rs:550 Rs:750
84 Mixed fried noodles (prawns, chicken,beef ,cuttlefish,pork, fish) Rs:630 Rs:860
85 Veggie crispy fried noodles Rs:750 Rs:1000
86 Seafood crispy fried noodles Rs:850 Rs:1100
87 Meat crispy fried noodles Rs:850 Rs:1100

88 Hummus with bran crackers Rs:500
89 Tomato /cucumber/lettuce salad Rs:500
90 Shrimp cocktail Rs:600
91 Chef's salad Rs:675
91 Egg mayonnaise salad Rs:580
93 Greek salad Rs:700

  Sandwiches Served With French Fries  
94 Chicken sandwich Rs:650
95 Egg and mayo Rs:625
96 Veggie burger Rs:650
97 Chicken burger Rs:750
98 Hamburger Rs:750
99 Cheese burger Rs:850

94 Fettucinne napolitaine Rs:750
95 Spaghetti bolognaise Rs:800
96 Seafood cold pasta Rs:850
97 Greek salad with cold pasta Rs:850

  Main EntrĂ©e  
104 Grilled chicken served with french fries and buttered vegetables Rs:850
105 Fish n chips Rs:900
106 Chilli con carne Rs:900
107 Chicken fajita Rs:1000
108 Chicken corden bleu Rs:1100
109 Steak n chips Rs:1100

104 Ice cream (chocolate n vanila) Rs:200
105 Fruit salad / Fruit plate Rs:300
106 Curd n honey Rs:350
107 Chef's special(choc n vanila ice cream,banana with orange syrup) Yummy Rs:350

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