Drinks n Bar

We offer locally produced spirits and beers as well as international. We also have a selection of imported wines. A lot of thought was put into the design of the bar so that you get good views and can sit for long periods of time. I also want you to stay here as long as possible if you can handle me boring you to tears!

Martini dry Rs:330 50ml
Martini bianco Rs:330 50ml
Martini red Rs:330 50ml

Sherry & Port    

JW red label Rs:385 25ml
JW black label Rs:500 25ml
Jack dannel's Rs:440 25ml
Chivas regal Rs:500 25ml
Glenfiddich 12 years (single malt) Rs:550 25ml
Old keg Rs:330 50ml

Rockland dry gin (Local) Rs:300 50mk
Rockland lemon gin(Local) Rs:300 50ml
Bombay sapphire gin Rs:385 25ml

Keruv(local) Rs:350 50ml
Smirnoff Rs:500 50ml
Stolichnaya Rs:385 25ml

Bacardi Rs:385 25ml
Rockland red rum(local) Rs:330 50ml
Rockland white rum(local) Rs:330 50ml

Hanappier(local) Rs:330 50ml
Hennesy Rs:550 25ml

Rockland old arrack RS:275 50ml
Rockland coconut arrack RS:275 50ml
Rockland white arrack RS:275 50ml
Vat 9 special reserve RS:330 50ml

Kahlua Rs:440 25ml
Tia maria Rs:440 25ml
Bailey's irsh cream Rs:440 25ml
Cherry brandy Rs:440 25ml
Triple sec Rs:385 25ml
Sambuca shot Rs:330 25ml
Tequila shot Rs:330 25ml

B52(Kuhlua,Triple Sec ,Bailey's) Rs:770
Tequila sunrise(Tequila,Orange n Grenadine syrup) Rs:700
Margarita(Tequila ,Triple Sec,Lime juice) Rs:770
Dry martini(Gin,Martini Dry) Rs:850
Screwdriver(Vodka ,Orange) Rs:500
Black russian(Vodka ,Kahlua,ice) Rs:750
Long island ice tea(Rum,Gin,Vodka,Triple sec ,Tequila ,Coke) Rs:1000
Pincolada(Rum ,pineapple juice and coconut milk) Rs:550
Singapore sling (Gin ,Cherry brandy,lime juice ,soda) Rs:750
Gin fizz(Gin,lime juice ,sugar syrup,soda) Rs:550
Slightly Chilled (Vodka, lime juice and ice) Rs:500

House Wine    
Red wine by glass Rs:500 125ml
White wine by glass Rs:500 125ml

Lion lager beer Rs:400
3 Coins larger Rs:400
Carlsberg bottle Rs:450
Corona Rs:500
Erdinger Rs:600
Benediktiner beer Rs:600

Soft Drinks    
Coke Rs:150  
Sprite Rs:150  
Ginger ale Rs:150  
Ginger beer Rs:150  
Fanta Rs:150  
Tonic Rs:150  
Soda water Rs:300  
Pot of Tea Rs:200  
Pot of Nescafe Rs:300  
Cappucino cup Rs:300  
Expresso small cup Rs:250  
Bottle water(S) Rs:100 Small
Bottle water(M) Rs:150 Medium
Bottle water(L) Rs:200 Larges

Fresh juice  
cordial juice Rs:330
Watermelon Rs:220
Pineapple juice Rs:220
Lime juice Rs:220
Cordial juice Rs:165
Lime soda Rs:250

Mock Tails  
Cream soda(Ice cream & sprite) Rs:300
Chilled breeze(Orange ,Pineapple&Sprite) Rs:275
Thirst(pineapple,orange,lime,soda) Rs:300
Kandy Chilled (Fresh lime ,sprite) Rs:200
Rahas Ella(Pineapple juice,passion juice and ginger ale) Rs:300

Milk Shakes  
vanila milkshake Rs:330
banana milkshake Rs:330
chocolate milkshake Rs:330
chocolate n banana milkshake Rs:330
papaya milkshake Rs:330
Avacado milkshake Rs:330

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