Slightly Chilled Lounge all started when I came back to Sri Lanka in Aug, 2008 to help promote our guesthouse at Adam's Peak. My business partner Gayantha and I were driving around Kandy lake when I saw on the other side a big neon PUB sign. Like a strong magnet and the sudden urge for a beer and food we headed straight there. As I came up the stairs and walked out my mouth dropped at the amazing view that I was staring at.
The owner who was Chinese came over and to her surprise heard me starting to converse with her in Chinese. I told her how great this place could be as it was a run down Chinese restaurant in need of some TLC. She asked me if I was interested to buy the company and take over as she wanted to go back to China.
At that time there was a war and I didn't have the money. I had never forgotten about this place and after the war ended I came back to Sri Lanka with my wife, Kate in 2010. I headed straight for Kandy to check to see if it was still for sale. The Chinese woman had sold up and the new owner was the landlord of the building who is a famous lawyer and has an even more famous son, Kumar Sangakarra, the ex captain of the Sri Lankan cricket team.