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Templed out?

Want to step out of the hustle and bustle of Kandy? Looking for a western place to chill out, drink a cold one, meet new friends, play pool, enjoy the best sunset in Kandy whilst listening to some chilled out tunes or just surf the net using our free wifi? Then Slightly Chilled Lounge aka Bamboo Garden Restaurant is the best restaurant/bar in Kandy.
We have a happy hour on selected drinks from 5 pm to 6 pm and it is the best time to come and watch the birds flying back to their nests and watch the sunset. You can also see fruit bats flying over at dusk.

Note: Our restaurant is half covered and you may feel cold at times of the year. If you feel the cold it is best that you bring a sweater..



Slightly Chilled Lounge all started when I came back to Sri Lanka in August 2008 to help promote our guesthouse at Adam’s Peak. My business partner Gayantha and I were driving around Kandy lake when I saw on the other side a big neon PUB sign. Like a strong magnet and the sudden urge for a beer and food, we headed straight there. As I came up the stairs and walked out my mouth dropped at the amazing view that I was staring at.
The owner who was Chinese came over and to her surprise heard me starting to converse with her in Chinese. I told her how great this place could be as it was a run-down Chinese restaurant in need of some TLC. She asked me if I was interested to buy the company and take over as she wanted to go back to China.
At that time there was a war and I didn’t have the money. I had never forgotten about this place and after the war ended I came back to Sri Lanka with my wife, Kate in 2010. I headed straight for Kandy to check to see if it was still for sale. The Chinese woman had sold up and the new owner was the landlord of the building who is a famous lawyer and has an even more famous son, Kumar Sangakkara, the ex-captain of the Sri Lankan cricket team.

Our Music

Our Music


I believe we have the best music in town. Our style is mainly chill out music, deep house and classic rock but we can play all kinds of requests if the music is good. Or you can even plug your phone into our music system and play your music. Now I can’t get any fairer than that!

How to Find Us

: No 29a Anagarika | Dharmapala,Mawatha, Kandy 101010, Sri Lanka

: +94812238267

It is a little out of town and a little difficult to find. Easiest and laziest way from town is to take a tuk-tuk. From Queen’s Hotel, it takes 10 minutes depending on traffic. Otherwise it takes about 20/25 minutes walk from the Queen’s Hotel. Cross the road and walk left along the lake going past the Temple of the Tooth. Go past the old baths and you will come to the back entrance of the temple. On your left, you will see flower stalls and a short flight of steps. Go up the steps and turn right. Walk straight for about 15 mins. Go past the hospital on your left and go past the History restaurant (they will try their best to get you in). Above the History you can see an old building with Slightly Chilled at the front of the building. Keep walking and there is a small lane on your left going up that has a sharp incline. If you are coming from the Kandy dance hall, turn left and walk about a minute. On your left there are some old one storey stalls and a small place for cars to park. On the far right there is a Fuji advertisement board. Behind that there are some steps that take you up to the main road. Follow the road going up and away from town. Go past the hospital and look up on left after History.



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